What is a Funeral Plan and why should I have one?

It's fair to say that none of us like to think about our mortality but we do think about protecting our family a lot. Having a Funeral Plan is the only cost effective way to pay for your funeral at today’s prices rather than inflated prices in the years to come and is a way of ensuring that in the darkest moments, when your family simply want to have time to grieve, they are able to do just that without worry. More often than not family members are thrown into having to make multiple difficult decisions, which can in some cases lead to disagreements between each other when trying to choose what they think you would have wanted your funeral to look like. 

The cost of Funeral Plans continues to rise over the current inflation rate, so the only way to protect your estate from the elevated inflation costs of a funeral in several years' time is by having a funeral plan. 

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Benefits of a Funeral Plan

  • Your final wishes will be carried out as you have intended

  • Your family will be free from having to guess or choose what your wishes might have been

  • You are safeguarding your estate and hard-earned money from elevated inflation costs

Yorkshire Rose Wills & Funeral Plans are here to discuss many more benefits and to help you choose the perfect plan to suit you, your circumstances and your budget. We work alongside several plan providers to ensure that we can offer the best plan for you. 


Funeral Plans 

Prices range from £1195 to £6000